Introduction new Violectric HPA V202 & V222


Violectric introduces two new entry-level high-end headamps for headphone enthusiasts. The HPA V202 is meant to drive any pair of headphones with asymmetrical connection regardless of its driver technology and specifications. The HPA V222 offers an additional fully balanced power amplifier and thus drives every headphone on the market. High voltage output, extraordinary power reserve and high damping factor ensure perfect matching even with headphones of exotic parameters. An additional gain stage enables optimum gain adjustment for headphones of either very low or very high efficiency. Both headphone amplifiers are entirely “made in Germany” like all other components created by Violectric.



Violectric HPA V202


The Violectric HPA V202 is an affordable headphone amplifier and successor to the bestselling model HPA V200. Its circuitry has been further improved, with 60 volts of operating voltage and an outstanding signal-to-noise-ratio exceeding 100dB (weighted), it shares all the superb specs of the more expensive models. Any headphones can be connected via 6.3 mm (¼ inch) jack or 4.3 mm Pentaconn (asymmetrical). This makes the HPA V202 Violectric´s most affordable option for music-loving listeners using a pair of conventionally wired headphones. The HPA V202 offers 2700 mW Pmax into 50 Ohm.


Violectric HPA V222


The HPA V222 offers a fully balanced output circuitry with four independent power output stages. This allows it to drive balanced wired headphones ensuring a perfect separation of each part of the signal. To facilitate this, it has both a balanced 4-pin Canon/XLR and a 4.3 mm Pentaconn in its front panel. An additional 6.3 mm (¼ inch) output drives conventional headphones in asymmetrical way. The HPA V222 offers 3500 mW Pmax into 50 Ohm.





Connections and Pre-gain


In their input stages, both HPA V202 and HPA V222 accept either balanced signals being processed via XLR input or unbalanced ones via RCA. An input selector enables to choose one of these inputs, so that both headphone amplifiers can also be used as a simple preamplifier. They do this in a particular audiophile way, as the attenuation is handled by a premium-quality RK27 potentiometer. An aluminium knob on the front panel gives the user user full control of the volume.
With gain steps between -18dB and +18dB, the popular pre-gain circuit allows for further adjustment to the specific headphones. This ensures an optimal dynamic range of both the volume control and the amplifier stages even for headphones of particularly high or low efficiency.
With high output voltage, extremely low noisefloor and high damping factor, the power amplifier ensures optimal adaptation even with exotic parameters of the connected headphones.


Made in Germany


All Violectric devices are developed and assembled in-house in the factory at Lake Constance in the south of Germany. The comparably affordable models HPA V202 and HPA V222 make no exception to this. Both meet the highest standards without compromising and have to pass an intensive test procedure before being shipped. Precise craftmanship and the best electronic parts on the market give every single Violectric not just an outstanding feeling of quality, but also guarantee an exceptionally long lifespan of each unit.


Pricing & Dealers


Violectric HPA V202 MSRP €899

Violectric HPA V222 MSRP €1199

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