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The Meze Audio Rai Solo was introduced late 2019 and lately attracted more attention from various reviewers. Just after the launch John Darko from Darko Audio did a short review on these IEM’s and found them easy to wear for longer listening periods and very comfortable. A lot of thought went into the design and comfort of the Rai Solo by Meze Audio. The hand-brushed stainless steel looks exceptional and wouldn’t look out of place as a flagship product.


Meze Audio utilizes a 9.2mm single dynamic driver with “Unified Pistonic Motion” in the Rai Solo. A typical dynamic driver has a thin transparent diaphragm membrane that will have two wires attached to it to power the voice coil creating an imbalance in the diaphragm mass. Meze Audio has refined this approach with a new wire-free design by utilizing an electrically conductive membrane which creates an even distribution.


KnowTechie Rai Solo Review

KnowTechie published the review of the Rai Solo just at the end of the year and justified these IEM’s as a true audiophile bargain:

“The Rai Solo looks and sounds like four-figure IEMs, without that flagship price tag. Highly recommended, the value proposition here punches way above their weight” 

The conclusion and 9.3 point score underlines the qualities of the entry-level IEM from Meze Audio. The refinement of the sound signature full of emotion, the well finished housing and perfect isolation are the positive notes to the Rai Solo. The complete review of KnowTechie can be read online.


Headphone.Guru Rai Solo Review

A well known website for all personal audio gear is Headphone.Guru, they published their review of the Meze Audio Rai Solo mid september 2020. Next to the in-depth explanation of the technical details, the reviewer Bowei Zhao did an extensive part of the review on the sound signature:

“Mid-range balance is a key feature of the Rai Solo’s that I believe deserves recognition” 


This part of the review sums it all up, but I would recommend reading the Headphone.Guru review of the Rai Solo as well:

“The Rai Solo is a love story on the craftsmanship and tuning that its creator gave it. Given the type of tracks, genres, and music that audiophiles like, make it perform like an open-back planar magnetic headphone four times its price. And within those constraints, I would say the Rai Solos made it happen. A flat mid-range, a spicy bass that kicks at just the right amounts, a defined soundstage, and vocals packing as little color as they can muster. It has sugar, spice, and everything nice, including its price tag” 


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