Introduction Meze Audio Elite Tungsten


Meze Audio just released a new color for their flagship Elite headphone: Tungsten. The Meze Audio Elite that we have known for quite some time, will be called Elite Aluminium. When we take a closer look at the Elite Tungsten and really take the time to admire the smooth, stone-like texture of the hand-applied paint, you immediately get the feeling of a true flagship product and the Tungsten finish with the deep black grill turns Elite into a futuristic take on personal audio design.


New Designed Angled Alcantara Pads

With the introduction of Tungsten, also the new angled Alcantara earpads are introduced, that now will become a standard for all Elite and Empyrean models. These earpads are designed to enhance the acoustic personality, revealing new exciting sound nuances. The angled shape creates more space inside the earpad, which translates to an airier sound signature, with cleaner bass and improved presence in the mid-range frequency. Made of soft foam coated with Alcantara, with a fine protective mesh on the grill, the angled earpads provide increased wearing comfort for most ear shapes.


New Designed Case


With the release of the Elite Tungsten, also a new case design is being presented for Elite Tungsten. The newly designed case is an easier to carry smaller case, that protects this gorgeous headphone as it should. This high-strength ABS plastic suitcase with foam inserts and leather handle will hold the Alcantara angled pads, hybrid pads and cable.


Designed for Life


Meze Audio takes long-term sustainability to a new level. Elite is like all their products fully serviceable: from the replaceable earpads to the high-performance materials used. Every single part on the headphone chassis is available to be easily disassembled and serviced.


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Meze Audio Elite Tungsten MSRP €3999

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