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Shanling released their reference M8 digital audio player recently. We did an announcement of the Shanling M8 in this article. A lot of new features have been introduced, such as interchangeable sockets, AGLO audio and many more.


Headfonics starts the review with a great summary to accommodate the 9.2 score for the Shanling M8 Digital Audio Player.


“The Shanling M8 tuning is the kind of sound that is deep and calming for night-time listens. With distinct resolution, excellent headroom, a strong dense mid-bass character that does not compromise dynamics, the M8 is the most expressive DAP based I have heard so far” 


Headfonics describes the sound signature of the Shanling M8 as:


“Shanling has tuned the M8 with the aim of achieving a sound signature which they describe as a “fine piece of jade”. Not just that it is a gemstone, but it also symbolizes warmth, a gentle texture, and a state of serenity. While the AK4499EQ DAC chip empowers the M8 with top-notch detail retrieval capability the amp inside will also help to deliver excellent dynamic range, and clarity you will still find Shanling’s house tuning inside, in particular, the full-bodied vocal and textured juicy bass” 


Please read the full review on the Headfonics website.


Shanling M8 video review Headfonia: First Impressions


Headfonia just published an elaborate video review, including unboxing, changing of the headphone sockets and initial impressions of the sound quality of the Shanling M8. At first sight they are really impressed with the build quality of the Shanling M8, the versatility of the apps and of course the sound quality. The slightly warm, natural and musical sound quality of this reference player from Shanling really stands out. For the complete first impressions of this DAP, please click the following link.


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