With the HPA V340 Violectric presents a new headphone amplifier of the high-end class. Thanks to its high output voltage and output power, it should be able to drive low-impedance and high-impedance headphones without any effort – up to and including difficult to drive planar headphones.


Violectric HPA V340 – Features & Interfaces


This new headphone amplifier is based on the low-noise circuit of its big brother Violectric V550, which costs a third more and has a few more features such as a balance controller. On the back we see two cinch high-level inputs and offers connections on the front for two unbalanced headphones (6.3 mm stereo jack) and one balanced (XLR four-pole). In addition, there is an XLR and cinch output, which can be conveniently used with a fixed level or volume-controlled switch on the back. This means that the HPA V340 is not only to be taken seriously as a preliminary stage, it can also be easily integrated into existing setups without “wasting” inputs or outputs. Dip switches for channel-separated fine tuning of the pre-gain are also available on the back of the amp.


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Violectric HPA V340 MSRP €1799 euro

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