Violectric PPA V790 Phono Pre-amp


The new phono preamplifier from Violectric PPA V790 is the only one of its kind and will be available from August / September 2021. The PPA V790 has extensive setting options and newly developed, extremely low-noise and low-distortion amplifier technology. A unique phono pre-amp with the possibility of connecting up to 6 cartridges at the same time, 3x balanced + 3 x unbalanced connections, configuring them on the front of the PPA V790.


The front of the PPA V790 allows direct and clear control of all the settings, which can be saved individually for each input. With its DC coupling for calibration of the signal path with cascaded bipolar transistors, it stands for the highest bandwidth, extremely low noise, lowest distortion factor and highest dynamics. 3 DC-coupled selectable equalizers enable exact characteristics for a sophisticated fine adjustment. A subsonic filter eliminates unwanted low frequencies.


PPA V790 Specifications: 
– 3 balanced stereo phono inputs XLR
– 3 unbalanced stereo phono inputs RCA
– 7 switchable impedances from 10 – 1000 Ohm (for MC systems)
– 8 switchable capacities from 22 – 1000 pF (for MM systems)
– 7 amplifier stages from 30 – 66 dB
– Clip indicator to visualize operating errors
– 3 equalization filters RIAA, NAB, Columbia-LP
– Switchable subsonic filter 20 Hz
– 3-fold boost circuit
– Saving individually set parameters for each input


Pricing/ Dealers

Violectric PPA V790 MSRP €3999 incl. VAT (available from August/ September 2021)

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