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64 Audio has taken the heritage of the 18 Balanced Armature driver platform and further pushed the envelope of innovation in sound and design. U18s combines 1 TIA driver for treble, 1 high-mid, 8 mid and 8 low drivers. Combine the proprietary drivers with LID technology and a new electronic crossover network, it will deliver a unique exceptional listening experience. 64 Audio introduced the new U18s in the first quarter of 2021.


Headfonics Review


Marcus from Headfonics is clearly impressed with the new 64 Audio U18s, the review starts with his short conclusion, conforming the 9.3 (out of 10) test result:


“The U18s is one of the most balanced offerings I have heard to date from 64 Audio. Nothing feels out of whack with a tuning that is effortlessly smooth, non-fatiguing yet every bit as resolving as the original A18t” 


When the 18 series were first introduced, Headfonics made a raving review and still 5 years later, Marcus finds the A18T an incredible IEM, which upholds his performance to this date. Lot’s of technology in this small IEM, with 18 drivers, a 4-way crossover and easy to drive 8Ω level and a medium efficiency rating of 106dB SPL. All the tech is very clearly explained in this review.


After the unboxing, an elaborate explanation of the sound impressions is done, with a clear division in frequencies, timbre and staging as we are accustomed to with Headfonics.


“the U18s low-end is one of their most impressive, not in terms of sheer quantity, but rather in how 64 Audio has managed to combine impressive BA power with a seriously excellent level of separation and speed. “


Pairing is done with Lotoo LPGT, iBasso and FiiO, where the more neutral presentation of a DAP such as the Lotoo is generally more preferred.  Of course comparisons are done with the 64 Audio A18T, the 64 Audio Nio, which was previously reviewed and the 64 Audio Tia Trio. So with this review you really get a broad feeling of what the brand 64 Audio really stands for. So a must read if you are looking for world class earphones, check out this Headfonics review.


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