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Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or just listening to music, your headphone amplifier is as important to the final sound quality as your headphones – yet the world is full of headphone amps with compromised sonics, headroom, and power. To address these shortcomings, Rupert and his team at Rupert Neve Designs developed the RNHP.


Based on the headphone output circuit in the Rupert Neve Designs 5060 Centerpiece Desktop Mixer, the RNHP is a dedicated 24V reference-quality headphone amplifier with +4dBu balanced line, unbalanced RCA and 3.5mm (1/8”) inputs – each specifically calibrated for optimum level and impedance – and housed in a rugged, VESA-mountable steel chassis.




  • Precision Sound: Wide-open, extremely detailed sound quality allows you to get the most out of your headphones.
  • Dedicated Power: High-power, high-headroom design can effortlessly drive high-impedance (up to 600 Ohm) headphones even during the loudest, most dynamic tracking sessions.
  • Reliable Translation: The near-zero output impedance (.01 Ohm at 1kHz), direct-coupled amplifier design provides for excellent translation with any pair of headphones.
  • Precision Stereo Potentiometer: The highly damped stereo potentiometer is designed to give you precise level control and maintain perfect left-right balance.
  • VESA Mountable: The VESA 100 compatible mount enables you to mount the RNHP wherever it needs to be. Common mounts are pole-mount arm for mic stands, pivoting multi-arm desk mount, and wall / surface mount for securing upside-down under a table, music stand or other studio furniture.
  • Steel Clamshell Chassis: The RNHP’s rugged, solid-steel chassis is built to a high industrial standard with an overhang to protect the connectors and main level control from glancing blows, as well as shock-absorbing rubberized feet.
  • 24V DC Input: The RNHP can be powered using either the included 6 watt power supply or a 24V, 0.25A min battery (not sold by Dune Blue)



Darko.Audio: “Whilst a seemingly endless amount of choices exist in the headphone amplification world, the one I find myself recommending most universally these days is the RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier from Rupert Neve Designs. It simply beats all comers at what I’ll call bandwidth. I mean that not in the technical sense but universal appeal…true, we can probably find a scenario where the listener is better served by a gruntier amp, or a silky tube design, or some very specific and complementary voicing. But as an all-rounder, the RNHP reigns supreme.”


Hifi Pig:  “A secure and detailed bass, extension in the highs and low noise made this a very enjoyable listen. I guess my background with mixing desks for some 40 years and recording speech and music made me realise that sometimes simplicity and good old fashioned ideas are the best. This might be a 21st Century product but it has a lifetime of sound soul searching.”


Steve Guttenberg / CNET: “Highly Commended: The RNHP is unusually good at conveying music’s emotional core…it’s clear to me that Neve has prioritized listening in the development of this amp…on vocals in particular it can often sound utterly magical.”


Hifi-News: “I first used the RNHP to power my Grado RS-1 headphones with my iPhone on tour and I was amazed at how good they could sound, even with a phone as the source…with studio equipment as the source my headphones have never sounded better…. We’ve been so impressed by the RNHP we’re getting five of them for the studio for tracking. We’ve never been happy with headphone mix system we currently have because of both the lacking sound quality and the added distraction for the musicians…and to have a more simple, better sounding option at every position, will make the tracking experience that much more pleasant.”


Maximum Input Levels:
“A” XLR I/P: +22.8 dBu @ 1 kHz
“B” RCA I/P: +14.7 dBu @ 1 kHz,
“C” 3.5mm I/P: +3.3 dBu @ 1 kHz

Output Power:
As measured with typical headphones, Z=44 Ohm: 3.617 VAC RMS @ 1 kHz = 300mW RMS.
16 Ohm typical Load: 1.933 VAC RMS @ 1 kHz = 230mW RMS
150 Ohm typical Load: 5.108 VAC RMS @ 1 kHz = 175mW RMS

Output Impendance
.08 Ohm @ 1 kHz, 16-150 Ohm load, 0 dBu input

Frequency Response
+/- .2 dB from 10 Hz to 120 kHz

Measured with typical headphones, Z = 44 Ohm, BW 22 Hz – 22 kHz.
“A” XLR Input: -101.9 dBV,
“B” RCA Input: -100.9 dBV
“C” 3.5mm Input: -88.8 dBV


Pricing/ Dealers

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP MSRP €555 incl VAT


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