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The HA-2SE was one of the best-selling devices from Auris Audio and had been a benchmark product for many years until production stopped end of 2019. The new Auris Audio HA-2SF, which was recently introduced, has a similar basis, but with a lot of improvements, which can be read via the link. Headfonia was one of the early test websites with a great review and now Headfonics put this lovely tube headphone amplifier on its bench.


Auris Audio HA-2SF Review


Right from the start Marcus confesses that the HA-2SE had been a staple in the Headfonics office for the better part of 3 years now. They just really love the Auris Audio amps, not just for their looks, but also for the music it reproduces. Eager as they are to unbox the new unit, a great explanation of the technical details and outlay of the amp is described in the review. What we are most looking for is the description of the music reproduction and comparisons.


“You get better output power, a palpable upgrade in dynamic range, enhanced resolution, and a sound signature that veers more to the natural and clean side than before….. Perhaps my favorite pairing was the Final Audio D8000 Pro for two reasons. The first was its generally transparent sound signature teasing out the tonal strengths of the HA-2SF and the second, the twists with the impedance selector.” 


In terms of synergy more headphones were put to the test, such as the Meze Audio Empyrean, T+A Solitaire P and Audeze LCD-2/ LCD-XC. Of course Marcus compared new vs old, but more interesting XI Audio Formula S and ALO Audio Studio 6, which are both much more expensive, were put next tot the HA-2SF. Also much thought is given with pairing of source and headphones, which is also very clearly explained in this review. We must give much praise here to Headfonics for making such a detailed well written test. Marcus also points out that the impedance selector on the HA-2SF is one of the features more brands could introduce on their headphone amps, as it will make pairing of headphones to a much more pleasing experience. Please read the full review on the Headfonics website.



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