Stereoplay Review Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed


German magazine Stereoplay is considered to be one of the finer magazines in print with reviews for headphones. Some of these reviews are also available on their website. Just before the end of 2020 the review of the Dan Clark Audio  AEON2 Closed was published.


In the recent years, there just have not been many closed-back planar headphones that just excel in all aspects of the listening experience. The AEON Closed has been an exception and when Dan Clark deed the full revision of this already beautiful headphone, the outcome was better than expected. The text in Stereoplay’s review sums it up quite nicely:


“The transparency and spatiality of the Aeon 2 do not even reach most open listeners, nor the crisp, rich bass anyway. Clark’s construction inspires again and again, even after hours of listening, and should be enjoyed pure without the included insert pads” 


 Stereoplay test result: 80 points, sound: 54 points, price / performance: outstanding


Please read the full review of the Dan Clark Audio AEON2 Closed online



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