Feliks Audio Echo Mark II


Everyone grows up, and it was time for the little Echo to take the next step. introducing a new Feliks Audio Echo MK2!


So, what is new?


The new Echo MK2 is a pure OTL construction tube headphone amplifier with 6N6P tubes. Feliks Audio has increased the power to 380 mW, this wil also improve the pairing of lower impedance and some harder to drive planar headphones. This headphone amplifier has 3 RCA audio inputs, which are selectable from the front panel, with a new mute function as well. A lot of effort was done by Feliks Audio to have beter interference isolation in the amplifier.


The Feliks Audio Echo MK2 has an 6.3mm jack headphone output on the front panel and a pre-amp output on the back panel. A refreshed look and Feliks Audio has looked very carefully to make the finish of the amp last longer. It is now more resistant to scratches and fingerprints.


Pricing/ Dealers

Feliks Audio Echo MK2 MSRP €749

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