Heinz Electrodynamic Designs (HEDD) is not new to hifi, but the HEDDphone is their introduction to the Personal Audio market. It has been an amazing start, as the HEDDphone is considered by many to be a very interesting product. The key to the HEDDphone is the driver, which is not dynamic, electrostatic nor planar. The AMT driver, or Air Motion Transformer has never been used full-range in a headphone and this makes it revolutionary.


HEDDphone Review Inside Audio


Inside Audio is a Dutch platform for musicians made by audio fanatics who strive to make an insightful platform with everything a musician needs to know on recording, performing, mixing, etc. They have a great Youtube channel, which the HEDDphone and HiFiMAN Arya recently played a role into a blind test. Following this video, Jeffrey from Inside Audio was really enthousiastic about the HEDDphone and also published a very nice review.


The review (in Dutch) is available on their website and Jeffrey’s conclusion is that the HEDDphone truly works as high-end studio monitors, which immediately gives you the feedback that is desired when playing back an important mix or listening to newly developed master.


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