Introduction HiFiMAN Sundara Closed-Back


The striking beechwood ear cups is the very first thing you will notice when unpacking the new HiFiMAN Sundara Closed-Back headphone. These elegant, hand-assembled beechwood ear cups isolate the listener from background noise and emphasize the natural bass response of the original recording.


On the inside Stealth Magnet technology is an integral part of the headphone’s sonic output by significantly reducing reflections and diffractions that are detrimental to sound quality. Like the open-back version, the new Sundara Closed-Back features the ultra-thin Super Nano diaphragm, which is up to 80% thinner than diaphragms in more common headphones. The design results in an ultra-wide frequency response — 6Hz-50kHz, reproduction of detail and soundstage is never sacrificed, even behind closed backs.


Hifiman’s Sundara was one of the first affordable Planar Magnetic headphones on the market, and due to the remarkably balanced and detailed sound, it’s also one of the most popular headphones amongst value-oriented audiophiles.


Frequency response:6Hz – 50kHz
Sensitivity: 98dB
Impedance: 20ohm
Weight: approx. 432g


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HiFiMAN Sundara closed-back MSRP €499

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