“The HiFiMAN TWS800 is the next step in the evolution of true wireless audio,” says Dr. Fang Bian, founder and CEO of HIFIMAN Electronics. “Bass and overall harmonics are great, in a form factor that is comfortable to wear all day.” Bluetooth 5.0 IEM with a built-in 5-6mW amplifier and “audiophile-grade” drivers, based on proprietary Topological Diaphragm technology. For more on this IEM, read this article.


Headfonia Review


Yagiz from Headfonia was one of the first to review the TWS800 and you know he loves his gadgets. This new true wireless earphones are more than just a gadget. Yagiz also reviewed the TWS600 from HiFiMAN, back then a sneak peek of new products was already given. This review explains the technology and features and comparison with the TWS600 is easily made. It is obvious that the TWS800 is so much more looking at the technical details than its predecessor, so this should also evolve into its sonic presentation. HiFiMAN was aiming much higher and they have succeeded. A 4.5 star (out of 5) review is the result and the conclusion of Headfonia’s review is:


“Hifiman’s goal was clear. Creating a TWS sculpted with the idea of hi-fi that can be loved by everyone. Of course, natural presentation, energetic and dynamic signature was the ultimate solution…. Hifiman did nail this one and they showed us how serious they are with their wireless audio” 


Audio Solace Review


Audio Solace has already seen more true-wireless models for review and now the TWS800 landed on their doormat. It is compared head-to-head with the MW07 from Master & Dynamic which they loved. A thorough review again, not just from a technology perspective, but also from a sonic angle and comparison to the M&D, which is really interesting.  Outperforming various wired earphones according to Audio Solace and fun to listen to, with great fidelity for on-the-go. The conclusion of the Audio Solace review:


“For sonic performance alone, the TWS800 are a strong contender which outcompetes many wired offerings – hence it provides a good alternative for those seeking high-fidelity sound on the move” 


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HiFiMAN TWS800 MSRP €320 incl VAT

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