Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Titanium Limited


This Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Titanium (PGT) is a jewel of an Audio Player and limited to 999 pieces worldwide.  To mark the latest evolution to the PAW Gold lineup, Lotoo is proud to unveil PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition, dedicated to taking one of the most challenging contemporary metals to the edge of craftsmanship par excellence in audio technology design.


The concept behind the all-new PGT is bold enough to create a DAP entirely in Titanium, and more specifically in TA15, an aerospace and defence grade material that the R&D team has gone a great length to resource in order to fulfil the requirements in the scope of manufacturing. Titanium is notoriously hard to handle; incredibly unforgiving to the CNC machining process. It is expensive. For the same size stock, titanium can cost nine times the price of stainless steel.


Want one of these incredible audio players, we have limited stock available.

Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Titanium Limited: 3799 euro MSRP


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