HiFiMAN HE400i version 2020

We have been truly amazed by the performance of the HE400i version 2020 from HiFiMAN. For a very long time it was just simply not possible to manufacture a planar headphone for under 200 Euro. Listening to this new HE-400i headphone this boundary has been crushed without any compromise to the sound quality or the quality of the headphone.


Soundnews review of HiFiMAN HE400i 2020

Recently Soundnews did an extensive review, including measurements of the HE400i 2020 and his finalizing conclusion is one for the books:


“They can be easily compared with much pricier offerings of any other manufacturer, their detail retrieval, transparency and soundstage are on a very high level and I really didn’t expect that. At this price point, HE400i are outperforming everything when it comes to things like details, layering and stage size and it is my pleasure to recommend them as a very good starting point” 

Please read the full review of Soundnews on their website.

Ear-Fidelity review of HiFiMAN HE400i 2020


Another great elaborate review of the HE400i 2020 by Ear-Fidelity.com.  Again no other headphone in the sub 200 euro category comes close to the HiFiMAN:


“Hifiman HE400i 2020 absolutely killed the sub 200$ open-back market, delivering an incredible value and not a single factor of a budget sounding headphone. Fast, resolving sound with an incredible detail retrieval and staging in its price makes it the best value open-back headphone in the market today. I’m impressed.
Highly recommended”

Please read the full review: Ear-Fidelty.com.

Headfonia review of HiFiMAN HE400i 2020


Hot of the press is the new review by Headfonia of the HE400i. Very extensive review as we know of them, but the conclusion again says it all:


“Hifiman with this HE-400i 2020 version has set a new reference in the entry-level (ortho) segment, and it’s even making several mid-fi headphones look bad. That’s how good it sounds and is.”

Please read the complete review on Headfonia’s website.


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