Introducing Wavelight Server from Rockna Audio


The Rockna Audio Wavelight audiophile music Server – or WLS – is the perfect source for Wavelight/ Wavedream DAC. The WLS has many output options available, but if your DAC is equipped with an I2S input, this server should definitely be considered. Next to the I2S output also USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, and optical output (Toslink) are available.


Wavelight D/A Converter is its natural companion and there are several great reviews of this incredible DAC available:
Wavelight DAC – Soundstage Review
Wavelight DAC – Stereotimes Review


Rockna Audio WLS

Roon Core


The Wavelight Server is an all-in-one audiophile server with Roon Core, so this eliminates the need of a separate server and/or Roon Core. The WLS is available with different SSD storage options, from 2TB to 16TB. It can keep internally thousands of music albums in high-quality, uncompressed format. Furthermore WLS has 3 USB ports, where you can connect external storage and expand your storage capability.  Still need more storage? A NAS (Network Attached Storage) can be defined as music source for WLS.


UPNP Server


The WLS has the ability to let you choose from a variety of server software and audio services if you do not wish to use Roon:

  • Music Player Deamon
  • LMS or Logitech Music Server
  • UPNP Renderer
  • Openhome Renderer
  • Airplay and more


Control Interface


The WLS has a powerful control interface that can be accessed via local browser or iOS and Android app. It allows the owner to manage internal or attached storage, select active software or services, select upsampling or transcoding parameters, select I2S output setting for DAC compatibility, rip cd’s to local drives, enable room correction etc. WLS is fully upgradable and future-proof. Both operating system with services and FPGA (audio hardware) can be easily updatable via internet.




Server side: 2/4 core low power CPU, 8GB RAM, 2TB – 16TB storage
Audio engine: AMD 7 series FPGA
Clock system: 2 x CCHD957 clocks
Power supply: linear, 2 x toroidal transformers
Outputs: I2S, AES/EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK, USB(no upsampling on USB)
Input: Ethernet(LAN)


Pricing & Dealers


Available in Black or Silver

Rockna Audio WLS 2TB MSRP €5799
Rockna Audio WLS 4TB MSRP €6049
Rockna Audio WLS 8TB MSRP €6529
Rockna Audio WLS 16TB MSRP €7619


Rockna Audio Wavelight DAC MSRP €5799


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