Shanling ME80


Shanling introduced the ME80 earphones at the end of January 2021. A new entry into the single-driver market with a very competitive neutral sounding IEM. The droplet design of this earphones was further updated for comfort and to further decrease the weight. The body is made from 6000 series aluminum alloy created by precise CNC machining ticks the scale at 5.7 grams. The housing is further sandblasted and anodized for a brushed titanium luxurious look.


Soundphile Review Shanling ME80


Soundphile Review does a lot of testing with headphones and earphones and Roberto follows the earphone market closely. Recently he has reviewed the ME80 earphone and was pleasantly surprised.


“Shanling’s attention to detail really shines with these earphones, which represent music in a way that comes across as genuine and enjoyable no matter what genre you are listening to. Their exquisite craftsmanship and their wide variety of accessories are just great. Most importantly, their rich, clean sound stands out as especially well thought out, even more so at a price point which usually does not give us this kind of quality” 


Read the full review on the Soundphile Review website.


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Shanling ME80 MSRP €109 incl VAT

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