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The Final A4000 features a newly designed 6mm dynamic driver unit [f-Core DU]. This driver was completely redesigned by analyzing the relationship between sound quality and physical characteristics during the development of the A8000 flagship earphones. Final established new production facility overseas and newly designed not only parts for the driver unit such as diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, magnetic circuits, adhesives, but also the production machinery. As material for the driver front housing, rather than the traditional aluminum, Final uses brass, a material that is both highly resistant to the effects of magnetism and also boasts a high specific gravity. In order to increase the time response characteristic of the diaphragm, the voice coil employs a 30μ ultrathin CCAW, and a minimum of adhesive is used for assembly to thoroughly lighten the moving parts. The diaphragms are neatly pressed in small lots of roughly 1/3 the normal size in order to constrain pressure deviation to a minimum and realize uniform shaped diaphragm with no deformation.


Based on the chassis design of the B Series, the A4000 realizes a superior sense of fit. By limiting the area that comes in contact with the ear in contrast to an ergonomic shape that comes in contact with a large area of the ear, this IEM aims to achieve a sense of fit with no feeling of oppression.


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Alex Schiffer from Majorhifi recently reviewed both new models from Final Audio, as the A3000 and A4000 came out simultaneously. The review of the A3000 was already glowing, this A4000 beats just about anything at this price range. Majorhifi awarded the A4000 a Majorhifi Gold Award. Alex loves the natural soundstage and staging of the A4000, providing superior layering and depth.  The 6mm F-core driver provides a real kick in the bass with a nice punch, crisp midrange and sweet treble. Above anything the well thought design has a really nice fit. Read the full review by Majorhifi.


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Final A4000 MSRP €129,99 incl VAT

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