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Final recently introduced the ZE3000 TWS earphones. A new classic audiophile-grade earbuds designed into wireless, featuring a newly developed ultra-low distortion 6mm driver “f-Core for Wireless” and proprietary acoustic chamber design. A high quality “SHIBO” surface finish is available on the ZE3000 in black or white. Reviews for this audiophile quality TWS are slowly popping up, but Headfonia is beating the punch, with an extensive test.


Headfonia Review Final ZE3000


Reviewer Yagiz from Headfonia, starts the review with a brief history of the manufacturer and then looks at the heritage, which evolved into the current technology used for the ZE3000 earphones. After the unpacking Yagiz takes his time to appreciates the design of these new wireless earbuds. As he states “when good performance is combined with a good design, the real magic happens……. We can say that the Final did a pretty good job with the ZE3000. It is obvious that it is a product that is ahead of its price in terms of design, size, and design.” 


It’s not just the audio quality that needs to be tested with a True Wireless Bluetooth product, but also connection stability, battery performance, phone call quality, latency or delay with games and movies and much more. Yagiz takes his time to thoroughly test these items in the review and Final scores really well in the review on all items. Moving on to the sound quality as this is the part where the Final ZE3000, next to the design, really shines.


The Final Audio ZE3000 not only looks great but also offers solid performance when it comes to sound. Straight out of the box, the ZE3000 sounds balanced with a good body. The instruments sound natural and the tonality feels right”.  Comparisons are done with the Lypertek TWS earphones that and although these have a very different design, the outcome of the direct comparison shares another light on the performance of these Final Earphones. A thorough review of the low, mid and highs is done by Yagiz and even another review Berkhan is sharing his opinion and sums up this review perfectly: “Sound-wise the new ZE3000’s sound is very coherent, balanced and close to neutral and linear.Only the mid-bass area has a small lift, but I’m glad that it’s not one of those heavily v-shaped, sub-bass monsters. The ZE3000 is as close as it gets to a neutral TWS IEM in its own price range”. Please read the full review of the Final ZE3000 on Headfonia.


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