FiR Audio VxV tested the FiR Audio VxV at the end of 2020. In this Take 2, reviewer Wyville also shines a light on this great everyday carry, really interesting to find his perspective on this earphone. As you might already know, the FiR Audio VxV  is a universal fun, swiss-army-knife-like IEM, boasting a lot of technology from FiR Audio such as Tactile Bass and Direct Bore.


Review – Take 2


Reviewer Wyvylle has some interesting DAP’s for his review of the VxV. The Lotoo PAW 6000 and LPGT is at his disposal, next to the Shanling M8, which he reviewed previously. Erik (Wyville) does great reviews with classical music for Twister6. In this review for the VxV he turns to music that listens a lot to as well, which is pop and rock. Erik got some tracks tipped that readers often send him and he adds them to his playlist. The first impressions of this FiR Audio are just spot on:


“The VxV present music with clarity, excellent imaging and superb coherency. The sound feels perfectly balanced with musicality in mind. Starting with a very well controlled bass that is tight, but with texture and impact to make itself known whenever called for” 


Erik adds a direct link to the music he is listening to on Qobuz in the review, it is definitely a great way to learn and experience new music. The FiR Audio VxV is of course compared with the elder sibling M4 that Wyville owns, but als the Vision Ears VE5 and MMR Gáe Bolg. All of these IEM’s are Top of The Line earphones, which makes the comparison very interesting as the VxV is just shy of 1100 euro MSRP. The FiR Audio VxV review – Take 2, which is definitely worth reading ends with:


“I have spent a lot of time with the VxV in what is actually a relatively short period that I have had them around. This is a testament to how much fun the VxV are to listen to. They offer a very complete package for IEMs that you can use as “EDC” to take everywhere and listen to everything”


Pricing/ Dealers


FiR Audio VxV MSRP €1099 incl VAT

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