HEDD Tower Mains – Modular Reference System


HEDD Audio opens up new horizons for full-range studio monitoring and active audiophile systems, with the HEDD Tower Mains. The HEDD Tower Mains let you rediscover what decisive role dynamics play in audio reproduction and how pivotal they are to achieve the highest degree in realism and authenticity.

Tower Mains were developed not only for the studio, but also for the music enthousiast who demands high resolution, clarity and insight in their listening experience.


Tower Mains – modular system


The Tower Mains consist of one main unit (TM 80) that can be combined with either 1 or 2 subwoofers per channel. Each sub incorporates 4 drivers in a closed box design and 1.200 W of amplification. The Tower Mains components can be arranged flexibly, depending on the size and geometries of your working space. Due to a sophisticated filter design, you always will have a seamless transition and homogeneous sound: spectacular analog performance meets great versatility.


The TM 80 main unit with its five speakers in a vertically symmetrical alignment with the HEDD Air Motion Transformer as the centerpiece. This delivers broad horizontal dispersion but a controlled vertical directivity, reducing unwanted reflexions from the ground or the ceiling. This unit is driven by 3x 300 W amplifiers with a response down to 80 Hz. The matching TMS 36 subwoofer comes with four 9” no-compromise long throw drivers and 1.200 W of amplifier power – 300 W per woofer to be more specific. Back to back sitting drivers compensate their impact to the enclosure thus avoiding cabinet resonances, their frequency response starts at 20 Hz (-3 dB) and stops at 80 Hz (-6 dB). The SPL levels of the units exceed 120 dB, measured at 1 meter from the speaker.


HEDD Air Motion Transformer


The tower Mains main unit TM80 is equipped with the latest version of Klaus Heinz’ very own tweeter design, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer. Whereas 99 % of transducers work in piston-like action (air equals dia- phragm velocity), this tweeter takes a different unique approach. In the unit a very light and elastic diaphragm is folded into a magnetic field. Single folds open and close in an alternating pattern and thus “breathe” the air in and out. The air is being accelerated significantly (by factor 4!), increasing the reproduction quality and realism in the high frequency spectrum.


Linkwitz Transform

For an optimum in low frequency reproduction closed box designs are the best – theoretically. However frequency response, driver properties and transient behaviour are dependent on each other. Perfect transient behaviour and flat frequency response down to 20 Hz (-3 dB point) in a closed box is achieved by using the Linkwitz Transform. It allows to design an electronic filter for a given subwoofer / cabinet combination that delivers stupendous results.

If a speaker is corrected using this method it turns out to be flat from below resonance to the upper limit of the selected driver. The low frequency roll off point and quality factor Qt are determined by the parameters of the transform circuit, a new freedom for the designer to get the very best in clean and deep bass response – if a rock solid cabinet and specialised drivers are in place.

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HEDD Audio Tower Mains in various configurations can be requested for an extensive audition at Dune Blue with all your favorite tracks. Please contact us by phone or e-mail using the contact form.


John Darko interviews Klaus Heinz about the HEDD Tower Mains.


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