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Heinz Electrodynamic Designs (HEDD) is not new to hifi, but the HEDDphone is their introduction to the Personal Audio market. It has been an amazing start, as this headphone is considered by many to be a very interesting product. The key is the driver, which is not dynamic, electrostatic nor planar. The AMT driver, or Air Motion Transformer has never been used full-range in a headphone and this makes it revolutionary.


HEDDphone Review Ecoustics


The Ecoustics website has released their review of the HEDDphone recently. Lots of background is covered on the technology of the Air Motion Transformer driver, that was invented by Oskar Heil in the late 1960’s and further refined by Heinz in the 1990’s. Straight from the unboxing this review is very hands-on, complete with SPL measurements of the HEDD phone and an easy to follow explanation of how to use this headphone.


“But all of that is secondary to the real question. How do they sound? Utterly divine. Rapturous. The HEDDphone are relatively neutral overall, with fantastic extension on either end of the frequency spectrum. The sound is balanced, with the delicate, airy highs firmly anchored by solid and subterranean bass. Neither end seems boosted, and the midrange sits a little behind these subtly emphasized extremes” 


A unique headphone with innovative technology combining some of the best traits of the finest dynamic drivers, electrostatics, and planar magnetic headphones is the conclusion of this review. Love the down-to-earth view of this test, which is best read on the Ecoustics website.




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